Saturday, December 27, 2008

News in a few Layouts!

Okay, in the grand tradition that is me (lately) I have been a blog poster pooper! I have been so busy with Xmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the pregnancy, and my store that I totally don't even think about the personal blog! Not that anyone out there is reading it, but I figure if I post a few layouts, you can see what we (and I) have been up to!

My friend Chelcee and I created this kit and I made a layout to demonstrate what you can do with it. This is a picture that Blake insisted we take. (He is very bossy all of a sudden...hmmmm.)

My mom has an all santa clause tree, so Blake and I made this ornament for the tree. So that every time he goes up there, he runs to find it. Thank you Target for having such cute ideas (all done up in a package so I don't have to be creative, and all I have to do is assemble, and look like I am the best mom in the world...)

This is the first year that Blake has even cared about the snow. Last year he was almost 2, but he just didn't care. Finally, he cares about Santa Clause, and snow, and treats... and snowmen. So this is Blake in the snow. Outside shoveling (with his own shovel) with Matt. Thank goodness I have boys/men in my life to take care of the dirty (cold, heavy) work!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Blake got an art easel from Santa, and a ton of art supplies. He even got his first play doh (yes, I have been an abusive mother and made him wait--he didn't know what it was until 3 days ago! Now he is hooked!).

Anyway, we hope your holidays are/were fabulous! We love you guys!

Oh--and a baby update. Due date is now March 11 (but probably early again, like I said in a previous post). We are expecting sometime in February. Still a boy, and the names have changed to either Connor or James... Jack is out. Sorry Jack... Hit the Road.