Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our weekend in Midway

Hello there! Long time, I know, I know... I have been awful about keeping up with this blog! Let me at least fill you in on what happened this weekend in Midway. The picture below is one we got of Blake on the bridge where we had family picture taken... He just loves to pose!

On Wednesday afternoon, Matt's brother Eric, and his family (wife: Heather, son: Ethan) came into town from Conneticut, where Eric is stationed as a Navy Jag. Instead of trying to cram everyone into my house, Annette (My mother-in-law) arranged for us to stay at a cabin in Midway with the entire family! It was so much fun! (Let me just tell you how many people were there... me, matt, blake, eric, heather, ethan, annette, gary, mikey, adam, tara, shawna, kyle, nate, cameron, bradley, jamie, brad, allie, jordy, tyler, faith, and garrett. Phew... lots of people in a pretty big cabin.) It was a blast to see everyone!

On the way home (Sunday) Matt, Blake, and I got caught in Parley's Canyon, just past Kimball Junction for 3 hours. They had closed the entire canyon due to snow, so that was stupid, but other than that, the weekend was so much fun!

Before we left, we had family picture taken (well, not professionally, but at least we all got together!) So, here it is! We had them taken on Legacy Bridge in Heber.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

like mother like son

Holy Cow! I don't usually post my scrapbook pages on this blog (if you wanna see those, check out my other blog but I found these pictures that were so similar, it made me laugh! ENJOY! I guess he really is my son!

Friday, February 1, 2008

We are fish killers!

The title of this entry says it all! We have had another death in the family. I am now seriously thinking of naming our first daughter Darla. She would then fit right in to the family! DANG! What did we do wrong?

In loving memory if Pollack the fish... found belly up 01-28-08.