Monday, November 12, 2007

Another week, another post

Okay, okay (as Blake says when he is leveling with you) I realize that the design of my blog has changed. Um, yeah, I can't even leave furniture in the same places, so be prepared for the design to periodically change.

This past week has been a little crazy and hectic. Lots of stuff going on.

My brother-in-law (that is almost too formal a term) returned from his LDS mission on Wednesday, November 7. We went to the airport to get him, but we missed him coming down the elevator because the parking was atrocious! Seriously, I have never gone to the airport and not parked in the high rise parking that leads to the different terminals. This week, however, we had to park in outer darkness (as our aunt shauna called it) to even think about getting in to the airport. We even had to wait for, and take a shuttle from the parking lot to the terminal. So, when he came down the escalator, only Blake and Annette were there. He must have thought no one cared! When we went back to our cars, we got off the shuttle just as a bunch of Osmonds were getting on (as in Donny Osmond). They were on their way to the Oprah show.

So, now I have one more person living in our house. (If you didn't know by now, my in-laws are living in my basement while they build a house.)

I will make sure to post pictures soon.

Oh--and my sister Paige (see a link for her blog on the right) took this picture of Blake, and while I already documented our trip to the cabin, I have to put it on my blog. It is too cute not to post it.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The hobbit walk

Okay, so Blake has taken to walking in the ugliest way I could ever think to walk. He kind of hunches his back, sticks out his arms (think mr. burns from the simpsons), bends his knees, and shuffles around the house. I have been trying to get a video of this for a long time now, and I finally did it tonight! ENJOY!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Anniversary

Hello to all! Matt and I have officially been married for five years! Count them! 1-2-3-4-5! I am so glad I married that kid! He had to work all day, so he woke up early and made me breakfast. He doesn't know I took a picture of it. But, it was so sweet. AND--he let me sleep in, so I woke up to this! What a sweet heart.

The fifth year is "wood" as an anniversary gift. We decided to follow traditional gifts for anniversaries, because we can never think of what to get each other. So... I bought Matt a Bonzai Japanese Ficus tree. He is way excited, and he even said we have to go get one of those ugly little pagodas to sit underneath! Dang... that thing is gonna be in my kitchen til the day I die now, right? He designed me these incredible earrings that are yellow sapphires! (Sapphires are my favorite gemstone) and they were in a wood box. True, it is really pushing the "wood" limits, but I won't complain. I will take jewelery over wood any day of the week! Haha!

This weekend we are going to a bed and breakfast in Park City. I will post pics later next week about our "trip".

Blake has been incredibly busy this week. I caught him sweeping the floor in the kitchen the other day. I guess he watched me, and then decided to "help". I also got a great picture of him sweeping. I can't wait to scrapbook it! Notice the incredibly manly pink socks!