Thursday, November 5, 2009

I love my boys!

I love that Matt will just sit down on the couch and laugh and giggle with the boys. I know that I joke about actually having 3 kids (Well, I do in lots of ways! Sometimes Matt acts like a 5 year old!) but it is times like this that I am glad!

What a great dad! I love you honey!

My first.... Chocolate Chip Cookie

Words can't express the mess, or how much fun he had! He is his mother's son! We are choc-aholics!

Happy Halloween from the Nelson's

Yes, I realize I don't have a pic of Connor on here. I have to grab my mom's photo card! I will add it as soon as possible.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ahhh, the joys of a boy...

So today I was taking a nap after Matt got home (thanks Matt!) and when I woke up, this is the story I was told... I don't know if this would have happened if I had had girls...

So, Blake had left a rake out in our backyard by the tree. He decided to go and grab it and put it in the garage. Matt figured we don't have a gate leading out of our backyard (we can thank the previous owners of this house for that), and he can't reach the button for the garage door, so he was safe enough.

After 5-6 minutes, he realized that Blake wasn't back inside yet, so he went out back, and saw Blake trying to shove the rake up and over the fence into our neighbors yard.



"Stop doing that. Put the rake away, and come inside."

"okay daddy"

5-6 more minutes pass and he still isn't inside. So Matt opens up the back door and scans the back yard from right to left. He doesn't see anything until he gets at to 9:00 from where he was standing. He sees a little bum, and that is it.


"oooohh--yes daddy?"

"What are you doing?"

"going potty"

"we don't go potty outside! It isn't a bathroom."

"sure it is!"

"no, it isn't. come inside."

"I'm not done yet"

He proceeded to finish his bidness.... just a little stream. Pulled up his pants, and came inside.

Now, I for one would never have done that when I was young! Is this just a boy thing?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cisco- better than Bank of America

So I am only three days into my new job and I already feel a huge burden off my shoulders. No cardholders yelling, nobody asking me to do WAY more than I get paid for, and no more agents complaining (non stop) about how much they hate their jobs.

There is still some ambiguity as to what exactly I will be doing at Cisco, but I do know that many of my new employees are Portuguese speakers, and will be helping clients located in Brasil. I am happy to be using my language skills again.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Funniest video ever...

The Landlord from Will Ferrell

I laughed really hard at this...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swimming Lessons

So I am too cheap to pay someone to teach Blake to swim, so for the last few weeks I have been taking him to the Bubble (now the South Davis Recreation Center) and have been trying to get him to get over his fear of water. He and I took lessons together when he was about a year and a half old, and he loved it. But now, it is a pain to get him to go beyond where he can touch the bottom.
Each time we go, he gets a bit more courageous. Maybe by the time he is in college he will be willing to go int the deep end. The major downside of public pools is two-fold: 1) They put SO much chlorine in the pool that I smelled like chemicals for days. 2) Creepy, naked old men in the locker room. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean. If you do not, then you are a very lucky human,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Donny Osmond and Me

So do you want to learn what Donny Osmond taught me in my dream last night? Of coarse you do. Well just after bringing him a Coke rather than the Sprite he had ordered (sorry about that Donny, I still feel bad about that), he taught me how to pop the top off a Coke bottle without a bottle opener by just using my wedding ring.

1- Give the cap a twist (to loosen it. Donny did it better than I ever could)
2- Put the bottle cap's edge just under your wedding ring
3- Bend your fingers down like your are holding the top of the bottle
4- With your right hand, grab the bottom of the bottle and move it away and up while holding the top of the bottle in place with your left hand (with your grip keeping the edge of the cap in place under you ring)

I have not tried it yet, but for you boozers out there, let me know if it works (remember: this all came to me in a glorious vision with Donny on a yacht. I know, weird)

And if you are reading this thinking that Brooke wrote it, you are wrong. As ashamed as I am, this is a Matt dream. :(

Friday, October 9, 2009

Confessions of a Desperate Mother

Every mother at some point has one of those desperate moments in which you do crazy "look-at-that-poor-mother" things!

Like the time I ran out of wet wipes and Blake had a massive explodo poop in the car. I didn't have wet wipes, but I did have armor all wipes for the interior of my car! Yes, I armor-alled Blake's patootie! Wha-What? His back side sparkled! But I did take him home and give him a bath.

Desperate mothers do desperate things! Like today. I know that I don't need to explain this, but I basically put my son in a rolling cage to go to sleep! What? Let me show you.

First this happened.... (Yes, he can sit in a cart now! I do not miss being tethered to that car seat!)

So I picked him up. That looked extremely uncomfortable! But, then he got really heavy! 18 pounds of baby can really weigh you down! So I did this...

Yes, he is in the front of the cart under the little seat.... i just set him down. He is sleeping on Blake's sweater, so he has a little pillow. That counts for something right?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Up up and away! or CHARGE!

Depending on how you view a cape, the title will make sense!

For Blake's Halloween costume, we decided that he would be a knight (which means that Mommy found a really cheap knight costume at Dollar Tree!! Helmet, breast plate, and shield--$3! YES!) . So I decided I would make my first ever Halloween costume... well part of it. I found a great tutorial HERE... and this is how it turned out....

Notice the incredibly attractive "too small but he won't let me throw them away" jammies.

(Yes I forced him to stand here for this pic... awful mommy!)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Remember When?

Matt and Blake went to the movie store tonight and came back with "The Last Unicorn!" Doy ou remember that movie from way way way back when? Matt and I watched it when we were really little, but we remember some parts of it... so we got to take a trip down memory lane, and laugh at the early animation, and the "great" music...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

1 + 1 = Ew Gross


plus this...

EW GROSS! (And this is a clean feeding!)

Ahhh the joys of solid food. (those are sweet potatoes)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Emergancy Prep Kinda Sucks

So, the ward seems to think that the end is near. Every first Sunday (starting with August) for the rest of the year we will have (and have had) Emergency/ Disaster Preparation. The first set of items that we were asked to get ready were water and personal documentation. I had no idea how much water I need, lame. The human body needs at least 1 gallon per day. Not to mention all the water you need to clean.
So after class today, I went and picked-up four 7-gallon containers, one for each of us. So based on the aforementioned calculations, I hope the next disaster lasts for less than 3-4 days. Oh yeah, and it cost $75. That's the sucky part. I'm all for post-apocalyptic survival strategy, but does it have to put me out by so much hard earned.

Now, for the next few days, I will be scanning in drivers licenses, SSN cards, life insurance policies and the like. Lucky me.

This weekend we went to my parent's cabin up outside of Evanston, WY back into Utah. It is in a place called Uinta Lands... up by East Fork of the Bear Scout Camp (in case you were wondering...haha). Anywho, we went out of town. And it was so much FUN!

Blake went fishing for the first time with my sister Paige, her son and her husband. After this picture was taken, then went swimming in the river. Of course Blake wanted to take his clothes off. But what they didn't know was he took EVERYTHING OFF. I have a pic, but i think that is verging on kiddie porn if I put it up here. Just know that he is the only one naked, and he tromped through 50 feet of forest in nothing but his crocs. I guess he truly is a boy. I don't know that a girl would have done that!

Then he went poop in the river! Holy COW! Not that I blame her, but Paige refused to clean him up. So here he is washing up. Notice Paige is cracking up. He kept asking why he had to sit down in the river.

I guess I should count my blessing though because at least he went #2 somewhere other than his diaper. That has been our most recent struggle.

We also watched for squirels...

Did you think we forgot connor? Nope!
He decided to ham it up and pose for me!

OH! and look at the GORGEOUS view!

Okay, enough pictures! Anywho, that was our weekend!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Finger Puppets

I found these on etsy, and I decided to make them myself! They were $8 a piece! I made 15!

Friday, August 7, 2009

He is our bean.... He is our bean...

Matt is gonna kill me for putting this up, but it was too cute not to. This is my favorite sound.

Monday, July 20, 2009

From the mouth of a 3 1/2 year old...

Lately Blake has been coming up with lots of excuses as to why he does things. But my favorite one (okay it is my least favorite because I hear it 10 times a day) is this...

Me: Blake, why did you hit connor?
Blake: Sometimes I do that.


Me: Blake, why did you throw that?
Blake: Sometimes little boys do that.

UG! The other day I turned into a monster!

Me: Blake! Why did you do that? AND DON'T YOU DARE SAY "SOMETIMES I DO THAT!"

I really don't wake up and think.... "Hmmm, today I am gonna be a mean monster mommy and scream at my kid." I swear I don't. But lately? It is becoming easier and easier!?!

On the other hand, he has been doing some insanely funny things lately, so I don't stay mad too long. It is too hard to be mad when your son is saying

"Lions, and tigers, and bears... and hippopotamuses (sp?)".

Or singing the ABC's like William Shatner..."A... BC... DEF... G... HI... JK...etc." Breathy spaces in between each break.

I can't wait for Connor to start talking. Then they can talk to each other!

sleeping like a baby...

Do you know what I want? I want to be able to sleep soundly anywhere!
Connor slept this way (on the hand) for half an hour, and gpa Gary just sat there...
How cute!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

enfamil and pampers coupons--need any?

Yeah, so i know this is not necessarily the best place to give you this info, but... it reaches the most people... i think.

I get a bunch of enfamil and pampers coupons in the mail. And I don't use either of those brands! Connor is sensative to lactose, so I need a special formula, and we have a ton of diapers.

So--if you or someone you know needs/wants these coupons, please let me know. I will send you/them the coupons in the mail. You may as well save the money that I am not able to!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

my cute boys

Before Eric & Heather (Matt's brother & his brother's wife) and their family moved to Japan, we had pictures taken of all of the grandkids on my husband's side! We had a few with all the kids, and a few with each family.

Here is the picture with all four grandkids (Connor, Blake, Ethan and Kailey)

And the next ones are just of my stinkin' cute boys!

Friday, July 3, 2009

best buds

antelope island june 2009

blake and his "grandpa gary" are great friends. i love these pictures.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


warning: if you have a weak stomach or you don't like grossness, just skip this post. right now. run in the opposite direction as fast as you can. go ... GO!

So before I tell you my horrifying story, I have to say something.

When you are young, and you are playing house with your friends. You don't imagine anything bad. First you have to pick a new name (for me it was always Nicole, Tiffany or Nicky. They sounded like oober grown up names.) Then you have to figure out who the mom is--and you always wanted to be the mom. You were the one in charge, and you were the one that got to be grown-up.

Then, you grow up, and you think having kids will be so much fun (and it is, don't get me wrong--but stick with me here). You are going to have all fun, no bad stuff. The worst thing that will happen is a dirty diaper. You are going to be the perfect mom who bakes cookies, and keeps up with laundry and cleaning. Have dinner on the table when your hubby gets home, and generally live a perfectly fantabulous life.

What people never tell you, is you will have nights like I just had.

The day started nicely. My brother in law and his sweetie got married in a really wonderful ceremony at the temple. (congrats mikey and alyssa!) We came home and the boys took naps. Then we went to the wedding reception. That is when the niceness ended.

Blake decided that he was going to be as difficult as possible. "Do you want a drink?" "No." "Do you want to go find grandpa?" "No." "Do you want to go find Connor (or whomever... we tried lots of people)?" "No. I want to do nothing." Leave it to Blake to be so proper and yet so stubborn at the same time. So I end up grabbing a drink and handing him off to Matt. Yes, I had had enough. About 15 minutes later, Blake is brought to me in tears. He couldn't find me. He decided that he actually did want to do something. He wanted to sit on my lap and just cuddle (sweet). I asked him if he felt okay, and he said he was just tired. WRONG!
At this point, I have to interrupt my story and tell you about a term that Matt has coined (well maybe someone else coined it, but he is the one who introduced it to me...). B.U. (prounounced boo). What does B.U. stand for? Butt Urine. You read right... we actually discuss stuff like this. Gross! B.U. is the equivalent of brown water coming out your... nevermind. Anyway... back to the story.

So I am sitting there talking to friends, rubbing Blake's back and rocking him. I go to scratch his back under his shirt and I feel something. Something a bit gooey, and warm, and wet. I pull my hand back and UG! My fingers were COVERED in B.U. I just cringe and look at the rest of the table, and I am at a loss for words. So, not only am I at a wedding, with a "tired" son, and a lot of friends, my hand is covered in --and my lap is filled with--B.U! My brother-in-law's poor friend just looked at me and said "What can I do" and I sent him after Matt. The rest of the table got up and got water and napkins, and I just sat there with a B.U. covered child and lap. LOVELY. Blake just cries, and I send him to the car with Matt for a change of clothes (which I am so glad we had! LESSON LEARNED... always have a change of clothes). Then I get to wind my way through the wedding reception to the bathroom. I am sure that the people at the wedding thought I had really really bad gas or something. I can see it now... "What is that stench? Oh it is that poor poo covered woman."

So we finally get out of there, and make our way home.
We bathed him (Yes... B.U. in 3 inches of tub water is a great thing), then rebathed him. Got him in jammies. And in bed.

So... tonight was not my favorite night as a mother.
There are times that being a mother is a crap shoot (in this case, pun intended). No lie. But then you see something like this....

and you realize that it is all worth it, and exactly where you want to be.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

graduation vacation

You all know that matt is a little boy at heart. Well, we decided to go to Disneyland/Universal Studios to celebrate his graduation! Here are a few pictures. I will let matt fill you all in on our vacation!

Slacker mommy

So because I am the blogger in the family, blame me for the lack of pictures and news lately. We have been battling the cold from HELL! (I wouldn't say hell, but heck just doesn't cut it. It is a really really bad cold!)

So here are a few pictures of what we have been up to....

Blake loves being a big brother, and he loves that he can take care of Connor. True, we had a struggle with teaching Blake to be gentle... he liked to act like Connor was his age. He just loves to update me on Connor...

I guess this is the difference between the first child and the second. I NEVER propped Blake's bottle up when he was little. But with Connor, it is just so convenient! It allows me to watch out for Blake and get something done! Geez, I must be a horrible mother!

Why is it that babies are so stinkin cute when they sleep? Look at those pouty lips! And speaking of sleep, Connor is sleeping a full 7-8 hours every night now! YEAH! He sleeps from around 9 PM to 4-5 AM. I wish that was a bit later in the morning, but I can't complain after being up all night with him!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Connor has been attempting to smile for a few weeks now. He has that smile that is in his eyes, and maybe a corner of his mouth twitches... you know he is trying.
Well, the past few days he has been a smiling fool! LOVE IT!
The job I gave myself was to catch it on film! I did it today. It was right after meal time (so like a man...) and he finally smiled for me when the camera was out! Yeah! Here is my smiling bean! (we call him BEAN as a nickname)

Yes, i realize the onesie is wet--we were messy eaters!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yippee! Can you hear me yelling? Lucky for me he knows left and right!

The joys of being a mother--and a housekeeper!

Before (unfortunately, how my living room usually looks--because I have a tornado that follows me wherever I go)

After--what I wish my house looked like all the time! DREAM ON!

PS: notice the couch cushion cover is gone. Yep... vomit. Fun stuff! Dry cleaning is a great thing!