Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Connor has been attempting to smile for a few weeks now. He has that smile that is in his eyes, and maybe a corner of his mouth twitches... you know he is trying.
Well, the past few days he has been a smiling fool! LOVE IT!
The job I gave myself was to catch it on film! I did it today. It was right after meal time (so like a man...) and he finally smiled for me when the camera was out! Yeah! Here is my smiling bean! (we call him BEAN as a nickname)

Yes, i realize the onesie is wet--we were messy eaters!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yippee! Can you hear me yelling? Lucky for me he knows left and right!

The joys of being a mother--and a housekeeper!

Before (unfortunately, how my living room usually looks--because I have a tornado that follows me wherever I go)

After--what I wish my house looked like all the time! DREAM ON!

PS: notice the couch cushion cover is gone. Yep... vomit. Fun stuff! Dry cleaning is a great thing!

@ the zoo 2009

So, in the grand tradition of us, we got the annual zoo pass. Mostly because Matt is a 6 year old, and loves to play with blake there. Here is the latest pic of them! They have so much fun together! (Sometimes I am jealous, and sometimes, I just shake my head and roll my eyes--OK I admit it!)

Yeah Matt! Class of 2009!

Well honey, it took you a while, but you stuck with it, and you are DONE! D-O-N-E!!!

We are all so proud of you! Congratulations! I love you!
PS: WE have the cutest sons ever!

Lederhosen....Es ist gut!

EW! gross lederhosen!

AW--cutest lederhosen ever!

Okay, Brooke. Where the crap did you get lederhosen (and yes, that is how it is spelled, I checked it out, and found the aformentioned gross lederhosen picture!)?
Well, I will tell you! Matt's mom visited her friend in Switzerland when Matt was little, and she came home with lederhosen for her boys.
Somewhere there is a picture of Eric and Matt together wearing it. Evidently, they wore it every sunday to CHURCH! I am a bit embarassed for them, but have to admit that dressing your child up in crazy foreigh clothes is a lot of fun! Of course it helps when your son doesn't want to take it off, and when he has a friend to frolic in lederhosen with!
PS: That is Eric's son with him (Ethan). So eventually we will have a picture of matt & eric, and then their boys wearing the same outfits! Yippee!
Just for good measure, because I am sure I will never type this again...
(I think it is out of my system now!)