Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh, hi mommy.

Lesson # eleventy-seven... leaving a 4-year-old alone in the bathroom is a dangerous (though hilarious) idea OR if you give a 4-year-old a lip gloss.

Blake has been a little obsessed with things I am doing. Make-up, nail polish stuff like that. He still doesn't quite get that not everyone uses that stuff! The other day I told him that girls wore eye shadow and he said, "That's ok. Someday when I marry Lexi (his grandma's cousin's daughter--adopted, calm down) I will buy her lots of eyeshadow." I told him she would probably like that.

What a funny kid!


Kirsten said...

Too funny, love the freckles and eyebrows. Did he get that makeup tip from anything in general? :)

Brooke Nelson said...

I am assuming the dots on his cheeks are actually cover up... mommy is zitty. I also think that the "eyebrows" are eyeshadow. But, that is just my interpretation of the art.